Confidentiality Statement

Counseling center staff take your privacy very seriously. We take your confidentiality very seriously and your counseling center records are strictly maintained and are not a part of your academic file. The records of information collected about you will be held or released in accordance with state and/or federal laws regarding confidentiality of such records and information as well as Rutgers Newark Counseling Center's Notice of Privacy Practices and related policies.

State laws require that mental health clinicians report all cases of abuse or neglect of minors or of the elderly. State laws also require that clinicians take mandated steps which may require reporting to appropriate persons or entities, where there exists a danger to self or others. The Counseling center believes that providing a safe and confidential space for students is critical to treatment success and we value the opportunity to do so.

If you have any questions about your privacy and confidentiality, come down to the center to speak with Dr. Anice Thomas.